The Trailer Park Riches Program

The Trailer Park Riches program is unlike anything else that you have seen. This is not a get rich quick scheme or some complex program that only has a slim chance of success.

What the Trailer Park Riches program is, is a program based on my years of first hand experience investing in mobile homes, also known as manufactured housing or trailers. I fell into mobile homes by accident, but quickly saw the opportunity that existed and have been successfully and profitably capitalizing on the opportunity consistently for some time now.

The basic program is quite simple and you do not even need to purchase the program for me to tell you. The Trailer Park Riches program is about buying used mobile homes cheap, doing a low budget rehab and renting them with a goal of a CAP rate of no less than 80%.

That is it, that is the whole program, the concept is that simple, the devil is in the details as they say. I have found how to identify and purchase mobile homes very cheaply, in fact I have even gotten a few for free. I have found techniques to rehab the homes to make them safe, clean and appealing, but at the same time spending very little money. In addition, I use my marketing and salesmanship skills to keep the homes rented. Lastly and probably the most challenging is I have learned to be a tough (which means successful) landlord.

Through the Trailer Park Riches program, I will share this knowledge with you. The program consists of a text book as well as computer based training loaded with pictures and videos of the whole process. As part of the program, you also get 3 months of free coaching, this means direct access to me via phone, text and email. Why make the same mistakes I have made as I learned, use my knowledge, experience and information to lead you down the road to cash flow in mobile homes!!

One last thought, this program is not just for the person who is looking to invest in mobile homes, the information I have put together is useful to anyone who is a landlord of any type of property. My portfolio is obviously heavy on mobile homes, but I also have low income houses as well as high end condos. In fact if you are currently a landlord, just one of the many documents included in my program, the “lease release” agreement, if used just once successfully can save you enough to pay for the whole program!

So I invite you to explore the site, use the resources, participate in some of our online forums and consider making an investment in the Trailer Park Riches program.

If you have any questions, just use the feedback form on the left hand side of the page and I will get back with you right away.

Thank you and happy investing!!

Mike Barnes
aka “The Trailer Park King”

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